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Lasky Studios was home to famous movie stars and it was Rudolph Valentino who made movies here and in NY.  This article from 1923, talks abit about the studios and thought it would be an interesting piece of Valentino history.

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1924 – Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

Isn’t there something you can personally do to rid us of the Valentino imitators? They are becoming awful here to say the least. In the first place the very fact they are willing to be groomed to take his place proves them incompetent; if they have any ingenuity at all they would create a vogue of their own and not try to shine by his reflected glory. they remind us of what Fabre refers to in his “bugology” as procressaries because of their habit of following one another. No single one of his imitatiors has sufficient initiative to branch out and create a demand for himself.  To begin with, few are so capable as Rudolph Valentino and from general observation and consensus I should say that he can handle more work turn out better work and earn larger dividends on the capital invested then any other star in his profession. Therefore, it would seem that he is worth conceding a few favors to. Don’t lets lose the greatest artist we have on the screen today just because of a broken contract with Lasky Studios. Some laws are stupid and mean’t to be broken. Why not break this one for the good of the public or at least for the amusement of the public? Famous Players-Lasky corporation is incapable of treating him fairly, why don’t they release him and let some other movie film company sign him up? Anything so that we may have our brilliant and lovable Julio and our handsome and gallant Gallardo back again. Hoping you will interest yourself in our behalf.

Very Truly,

August Temple, Bay City, MI

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26 Dec 1923 – Valentino Coming Back

With all differences patched up and with a brand new spelling for his first name Rudolph Valentino will begin work immediately after the holiday season on a film version of Booth Tarkington’s Monsieur Beaucaire.  Famous Players-Lasky are again his employers.  When he formerly toiled before the cameras he was known as Rodolph.  Reading the latest contract one finds the signature Rudolph with no explanation for the name change.  Recently Ritz Carlton Pictures corporation announced he signed with them to begin work on a series of new films as soon as his contract with Famous Players ran out.  In the latter contract, owever, was a clause giving them the option on the players services.  They decided to exercise this option and after long negotiations through his attorney Max Steuer succeeded in their attempt to win back the famous actor.  An official of Famous Players-Lasky said today, the company had tried several times in the last year to settle the matter, offering Valentino cart blanche to seletct his stories, director, and virtually name his salary. they had extreme difficulty in negotiating with him directly and rapprochement was only reached through Mr. Steuer.  By the terms of the settlement all litigation between Valentino and Famous Players will be dropped.  Mrs. Valentino as attorney in fact for her husband said she played an important part. Before sailing for Europe this last week after she had affixed her signature to the contract. Mrs. Valentino said “It is gratifying to reach a satifactory conclusion and to see Rudolph again in a position to pursue his career under satisfactory conditions.  Some sample screen tests were made while we were abroad and the results demonstrated conclusively the character development and artistic advance made by him since he previously appeared.  In all respects he is fit and ready for his new tasks”.

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1925 – Miss Hattie Wilson Tabourne, Hollywood Hairdresser


Blog readers are asking themselves who is Miss Hattie Wilson Tabourne? Simple, she was a famous Hollywood African American hairdresser whose artistic hairdressing skill was a major contribution to the movie industry and the careers of many Silent Film Stars in early twentieth century, Hollywood.


Miss Hattie came from a very humble background in Nebraska.  As a young child, her family discovered she had a gift for hair dressing, and it was that talent that eventually led her to being discovered while working at a downtown Los Angeles Hairdressing establishment.  Miss Hattie’s discovery led to a long-term contract working as a hairdresser for Famous Players-Lasky Studio and the rest is true Hollywood history.  During her time, in Hollywood she styled the hair of Agnes Ayres, Dorothy Dalton, Nita Naldi, Cecil B. DeMille, Leatrice Joy, Lillian Rich, Pola Negri, Gloria Swanson, Rudolph Valentino during his movie “Blood and Sand”.


On 21 Mar 1923, Miss Hattie’s name was in the major papers as the creator of Gloria Swanson’s hairstyle called ‘Gloria’s Bob’.  While working at Famous Players-Lasky Studios, she had the additional responsibility of training future hairdressers.  On 23 Mar 1925, Miss Hattie died on an operating room table from complications as a result from a surgical procedure.  At the time of her death, she was survived by a son.  Miss Hattie is  buried next to her mother at Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles. CA.

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