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Jul 1925 – Cheers for “The Sainted Devil”

After seeing “The Sainted Devil” I wish to express sincerest appreciation for the acting of “Rudy” and “Nita”. The only thing I didn’t like was the way it dragged in several places, and I am sure no woman was ever as big a fool as Dona Florencia.

From Robert Morris, Pitkin, LA

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26 Nov 1925- Rudolph Valentino A Rex Beach Story

Rudolph Valentino’s new picture, “A Sainted Devil” from the story Ropes End by Rex Beach. Nita Naldi, Louis Lagrange, George Siegmann are a few of the prominent names which appear in the supporting cast of this production. It is a story laid in the Argentine, and tells of the country-wide search of a young Spaniard of wealthy parents for his convent-bred wife who was stolen from him on their wedding night by bandits. “A Sainted Devil” is declared to be the greatest Valentino production up to the present.

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