1920 – Once to Every Woman

Initially released 6 Sep 1920 and re-released again in 1922, “Once to Every Woman” is about a selfish spoiled young woman named Aurora Meredith. Aurora has become well-known locally in her small village as having a wonderful singing voice. One day, a wealthy woman has decided to take her under the wing and sponsor her continued music studies in Italy. After three years, on the continent, her sponsor dies, and she is without funds to complete her final year. Desperate Aurora accepts financial aid from an unknown young Italian man named Juliantimo. A bargain was struck and in lieu of payment she will marry him. When Aurora starts to gain fame and recognition, she starts to avoid Juliantimo. Soon with an offer to appear in New York City she immediate accepts and leaves to avoid the young Italian. During a singing appearance she meets the Duke of Devonshire who is besotted with her. The duke asks for her hand in marriage and arranges for her to have a leading role in an upcoming opera.

The night of the opera’s premiere Juliantimo appears in her dressing room and demands she uphold her bargain and marry him. Aurora refuses and orders him out. A discouraged Juliantimo returns to his sea and the Duke of Devonshire along with his fried Phineas Schudder to watch her performance. Towards the end of the performance Aurora notices from the stage Juliantimo has a gun and he fires a shot at her and misses. Turning the gun, he commits suicide. Aurora traumatized by all that has happened and discovers she has lost her voice. Doctors tell her she will never sing again and once her so-called friends find out leave her utterly alone. Aurora realizes how false and fleeting fame is and realizes without love life has no meaning. In the meantime, Phineas has become famous as a poet and tries to see her to no avail. Aurora returns to hearth and family and realizes there is no place but home for her. Aurora’s mother has become ill and begs for her to sing a song and in her sorrow doesn’t realize she has her voice back. But it doesn’t matter she remains in her local village and realizes that giving back is the greatest happiness of all. She starts teaching the village children and reunites with Phineas who gives her all the love she has been looking for.

Directed by Allen Holuber, Jewel Productions, released by Universal Pictures. The lead role was Dorothy Phillips, Rudolph Valentino, Margaret Mann, William Ellingford, Elinor Field. This is a lost film.

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