Feb 1922 – Around Hollywood

Perhaps you adoring lady-fans would like to know what becomes of the violet scented mash-notes you send in reams and reams to Rudolph Valentino “screen lover”. He gets only 900 of them a week and said recently that if they continued he might be forced to retire from the big screen. Forced to retire “by pestering women”.   This may break the hearts of countless flappers but truth must out. His “fan” letters are turned over to Madame Rambovas maid, who is supposed to answer them in he name of the star. We did find out all money received from admiring fan letters and it is no small sum either goes to the maid. So maybe you might want to think twice about sending money.

Agnes Ayres has received legal permission to drop “Shucker” from her name, having recently dropped the gentlman to whom the last name belongs.  Thought Agnes real name was Henkle? A boy who claims to be her brother makes a none too lucrative living by mowing lawns around Hollywood. Says he’d rather do that than work in films! Wow! Agnes is a mighty fine girl, anyway.

The editor of a movie periodical was enraged recently because of Katherine MacDonald’s refusal to pose for some hair-dressing pictures for his magazine she being the only star in Hollywood to pass up this form of publicity that takes so well with the feminine “fan” readers.  It wasn’t because she wanted to be up-stage. Then why? Shh! Because the American Beauty is said to wear more “puffs” than real hair!

Rudolph Valentino, the Italian actor who played leading roles in Rex Ingram Productions for Metro “The Four Horsemen” and “Conquering Power” was being shown through the Italian gardens of a Hollywood hostess.  “How charming” he exclaimed, with bubblinh Latin enthusiasm. “We have nothing like this in Italy”. Well of course you don’t



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