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22 Nov 1924 – Two Brokers Try to End Their Suit Against Rudolph Valentino


The application of Elizabeth Reilley who is assignee of the claims of Clifford Robertson and Eugene Webb, Theatrical Brokers, Los Angeles for $50,000 in comissions from Rudolph Valetnino to drop the suit was argued before Justice Gavegan in Supreme Court.  Robertson and Webb were the agents who signed Valentino to Famous Players-Laskey Corporation in 1921 for a salary of $1,250 a week.  They sued for commissions, which they said were due even though the contract was not lived up to by the Sheik.  Objection to the discontinuance of the action was made for Valentino by Max Steur, his attorney.  He was no longer repped by Arthur Butler Graham who sued Mr. Valentino last year for services rendered during the same suit but was never paid.  The present lawyer contended Robertson and Webb contract to procure engagements for Valentino at the highest possible salary. He further sets forth before the agents tied his client to the Famous Players-Lasky contract there was concern they had received an offer of $5000 a week from Willis and Inglis other theatrical agents for Valentino’s services.  Robertson and Webb are charged with having failed to let Valentino know of this and similiar offers.  In his counterclaim Valetnino asks for $1, 004.333 in damages.   Justice reseved decision.

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24 Oct 1923 – Defendant Answers





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23 Oct 1923 – Arthur Butler Graham vs. Rudolph Valentino Continues

According to court documents the ongoing trial of Arthur Butler Graham vs. Rudolph Valentino continued for most of the year 1923.  It’s a known fact that Rudolph Valentino had problems with paying his bills on time.  Looks like the amount went up to $65,000 for services rendered when Arthur represented him in court during the Famous Players-Lasky suit


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20 Jun 1923 – Arthur Butler Graham vs. Rudolph Valentino

On 20 June 1923 , Arthur Butler Graham, Rudolph Valentino’s personal attorney who represented him during his lawsuit against Famous Players-Lasky. Sued his client in a New York Supreme Court in the amount of $48, 295 for legal services performed.abg1.PNGabg2.PNG






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19 Sep 1922 – Valentino Objects to Lying on Hard Floor

Rudolph Valentino against Famous Players-Lasky Corporation came up for hearing yesterday in the court of Justice Warner Vogel and for more than 2 hours Rudolph Valentino and his wife Natacha Rambova sat in the court room listing to Attorney Arthur Butler Graham tell of the alleged abuses heaped on the motion picture star.

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Arthur Butler Graham, Rudolph Valentino’s Personal Lawyer

Arthur Butler Graham, Counselor at Law was a personal attorney for Rudolph Valentino who represented him during his divorce from Jean Acker, served as a witness at his marriage ceremony to Natacha Rambova in Crowne Point, Indiana, litigated with Famous Players Lasky and negotiated his Mineralava Beauty Clay contract. The final straw for Arthur was when he sued his former client on 26 Jun 1923, in NY Supreme Court in the amount of $48, 295 for legal services performed. Arthur Butler Graham graduated from NY University died in 1951 at the age of 72 years, when he jumped from the fourteenth floor of his law office. his wife Linda died 23 Nov 1962 at the age of 78 and one of their sons Frederick died in 2015 at the age of 99.

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