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Sep 1926 – Did you Know?

And how many of you children know that it was Peter Dixons story of the passing of Silent Film Star Rudolph Valentino that was the first to go over the wire? All’s fair in getting a store out first, and even Peter’s father admits that there was dirty doing’s at the time. Newspapermen were 30 feet deep around the door of the late star’s hospital room, waiting for the end. When it came Peter Dixon was well outside ┬áthe last line, and his henchmen whom he planted their passed him the signal and threw the other news hounds into a scrambled heap. Last week, by the way, there was a dinner in Manhattan for the reporters and press photographers who covered Valentino’s funeral. The dinner is an annual affair and the host is Campbell’s Funeral Home the undertaker. We hope the advertisers did their stuff.

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1926 NYC Crowds in Front of Campbell’s Funeral Home


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