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5 Oct 1919 – Viola Dane Cuts Off Curls for Art’s Sake

Viola Dane sacrificed her beautiful chestnut curls in the cause for art when she undertook the stellar role in Tile Microbe,” the appealing Metro drama picture by writer¬†June Mathis from Henry Altimus’ Alnslee’s Magazine story in which the little star will be seen at the Hose theater today. Miss Dane’s ringlets were much in evidence in “Satan Junior” and “Blue Jeans,” but they had no place in ‘The Microbe” so Viola just made a little wry smile of regret and snipped them off. ¬†Some of the early incidents in her” newest photoplay called for Miss Dane to appear in Troy’s clothing, wearing a cap. Hence the bobbed hair. But the beauty of it is that the tiny star is even cuter, in the opinion of her director, Henry Otto, than she was when her curls fell over her shoulders.

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25 Dec 1919 – Christmas with Viola Dane

The year was 1919, Christmas was a time spent with family, friends your nearest and dearest. However, this year, Rudolph Valentino did not have anyone to spend Christmas Day with. Silent actress Viola Dane invited her good friend Rudy over for dinner with her family and friendsBand even had him dress up as Santa Claus. For him it was a memorable day he treasured for the rest of his life.

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