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26 May 1929 – Mystics Rule Hollywood


The lines are forming at the right before the séance chambers of Hollywood soothsayers.  Hollywood elite do not advertise going to the occult in order to see what the fates have in store. Norma Talmadge introduced noted psychic Dareos to the film colony. foretold of Chaplin’s numerous marital troubles and promised Mae Murray she would have a baby by husband noted fake Prince M’Divani. Soothsaying has always thrived in Hollywood and now its faring better than ever before.  Dareos makes such a good living that he is now both well fed and well-dressed living in a large home in Ocean Park. Some players will not sign new movie contracts without consulting their favourite palmist, card reader or spirit guide.  Astute producers will not begin new pictures unless their trusted astrologist tells them when the stars are favorably disposed.  From ping-pong to mysterious seances, crystal gazing, numerology, phrenology and palmistry, the film colony goes into its anxious attempts to peer into the uncertain tomorrow.  Louise Fazenda introduced numerology as a fad and for several years was all the rage.  Phrenology was a favourite of Wally Reid, Eugene O’Brien, and Tom Mix and seances had its time. The beautiful Laurel Canyon home of the late Rudolph Valentino was a setting for many a search into the hereafter.  June Mathis and her mother, Rudolph Valentino, Natacha Rambova all devoutly believed in their seances. They usually met alone since communicating with the other world was not just a passing fancy with them as it was with the rest of Hollywood. Indeed, since Valentino’s death Natacha often declares to the news reporters she is in close touch with Rudy in the spiritual realm. The Ouija Board came to town and many movie people sat for hours over it.  However, movie stars that seek advice from these so-called mystics, soothsayers, or psychics who may or not be correct. On the other side of the coin, these psychics are living just as good as the people who pay them.

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