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12 Jan 1924 – Mineralava Advert


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6 Jan 1924 – There is a reason why prize beauty’s fail

What have the fates in store for 15-year-old Miss Norma Niblock, the Canadian girl, who won the recent National Beauty Contest, Madison Square Garden, New York City.?  Will she meet with the same disappointments, disillusionment and disasters that have come to the winners of other beauty contests or will she prove an exception to the rule that prize-winning beauties are cursed with a jinx. Here is a young woman who has been crowned as the first beauty of the land. Never less a personage than the Sheik of Sheiks Rudolph Valentino selected her from amongst 88 prize winners from as many American and Canadian cities.  In addition, to a crown she has a contract to appear in the movies with the mud-massage star.  Will she go the way of Agnes Souret, “La Plus Belle Femme De France” who is now a humble chorus girl in a music hall in which she was starred after winning the greatest beauty contest ever held in France? Will she experience the fate of Margaret Leahy “the most beautiful girl in England”, who was given a movie contract in Hollywood and is now suing Joseph Schenck for $50,000 because she was not starred? Will she return home to her parents like Mary Katherine Campbell, twice winner of national beauty contests in Atlantic City, New Jersey has done after failing to make an impression as a vaudeville actress? The experience and failure of these three famous prize beauties winners of the biggest and most extensively advertised beauty contests held on both sides of the Atlantic do not bode well for Miss Niblocks future. But perhaps she may escape the jinx. At any rate, she has a 3 year contract with the company that arranged the beauty contest and she will at least be used as advertising copy.

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Apr 1923 – Valentino Charm Wins Elmira New York Fans

Advertising a beauty clay, rather than the latest kind of Vaseline Rudolph Valentino “The Perfect Lover” charmed a goodly crowd of his feminine admirers at the Armory Thursday evening.  Charmed is the word for the youthful Sheik of the movies, sleep and well-mannered, radiant with the fire of youth handsome in the extreme, and attired in the costume in which he first came into fame was a real Prince Charming as he danced with the beautiful Winifred Hudnut, now Mrs. Valentino No.2 on the raised platform in the center of the Armory Floor.  Rudy’s following is feminine there is no denying that, for how else would he acquire the title “The Perfect Lover” and is that not sufficient to line up the menfolk as his mortal enemies? It is safe to say that many of the male gender present Thursday night under protest maybe and who went to scoff were won to the ranks of Valentino fans. For Rudy certainly made a good impression though rather stingy in his dancing act.  “It was a long wait for the advent of the Sheik, but the womenfolk thought it worthwhile, and loudly and convincingly did they voice their welcome when Rudolph and his wife made their appearance at 9:30 pm.  Preceded by their own Argentine Orchestra, the noted pair, attired in the costume so well remembered in “The Four Horsemen” danced the Argentine Tango, a replica of the scene from the famous Ingram picture. With Sombrero, sash, velvet and gold boots and spurs, Valentino appeared as he did in his first big picture, and the scene in the darkened Armory with the spotlight playing on the raised platform, was unique and delightful. Valentino began as a tango dancer and Thursday nights exhibition showed he lost none of his nimbleness.  So appealing was the applause that Valentino and his wife consented to an encore, after which the hero of the screen proved his versatility by making a speech.  Perfectly at ease, with an Italian accent Valentino took the occasion to denounce what he termed the “picture trust” which he declared was responsible for the fact he was not now appearing in movies.  “It was not a case salary with me but rather one of self-respect for I was not willing to appear in the sort of pictures, which the trust insisted I should make.  Pictures such as the “Sheik, Young Rajah, and others of this caliber are not the sort in which I care to appear.  Valentino himself, he was voted every bit as handsome off the screen as on, and even the men declared him a ‘regular fellow’. Showing evidence of education and culture minus the egoism attributed to him, the former tango dancer, who rose to the exalted position of “worlds most romantic figure” as the program termed him, the young lothario bids fair to hold his present popularity. For whom else would the women fold wait for two hours. Because of the crowd in front of the Armory Valentinos party entered by a side door only to be met with shrieks of delight as he stepped out into the hall.  He certainly gave em a big thrill.  Running Valentino to a close second for honors was the orchestra which he brought with him and Mrs. Valentino a chilly third.  Billed as an Argentines orchestra and attired in gypsy costume, they made a picturesque appearance. Their music proved a delight, especially when they played for the local dancers and they were roundly applauded.  The hall was decorated in American and Italian flags.  The crowd, no so large as anticipated appeared to have enjoyed its evening.

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apr mineralavea.PNG

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2 May 1923


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1924 – Mineralava Memories


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5 May 1923 – Mineralava Contest Fitchburg, MA

5 May 1923 Mineralava Contest Fitchburg, MA.PNG

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19 Mar 1923


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1923 – Benefit Tickets on Sale Now

General Admission $1.00 tickets are on sale at Armory or American Society for Devastated France 4 West 40th Street or Irving Bank Columbia Trust 276 Park  Ave. For the past six weeks Rudolph Valentino with his famous Argentine “Four  Horsemen” orchestra has been touring the United States and Canada in his  luxurious private car “Colonial”. In addition, to giving his special exhibition dances and his famous “Four Horsemen” Tango with Mrs. Valentino he is conducting in each city the Mineralava Beauty Contest seeking to find the  most beautiful girl in America, lie hopes to have as the leading lady in his  next and greatest picture. His appearance on Saturday evening at the Seventy-First Regiment Armory will be a notable affair, conducted, for the benefit of the fund for Devastated France and the Maternity Center Association  of which Miss Anne Morgan is the Chairman. After giving a number of exhibition dances Mr. Valentino will with the committee, Howard Chandler Christy, Harrison Fisher and Walter Russell, select the most beautiful girl in New York. Every young lady should enter this Beauty Contest and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Send your photograph with your name and address to the Valentino Editor, New York Morning Telegraph, so that it will reach that newspaper no later than Saturday morning of this week. Fifty of the most likely candidates will be selected, a telegram will be immediately sent to them to appear at the Seventy-First Regiment Armory, Saturday evening at eight o’clock. A large part of the evening is to be given over general dancing and there will be continuous music by Valentino’s own Argentine Orchestra and the Seventy First Regiment Band.

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1923 – Mr and Mrs Rudolph Valentino appear at the Valentino Mineralava Beauty Contest in Kansas City

Any girl in Kansas City can go to the Convention Hall and enter the Valentino Mineralava Beauty Contest. A contest will be held of the prettiest girls in KC and Mr. Valentino will choose one who will get a prize and later have a chance with beauties from other cities to be Valentino’s new leading lady in his next picture. The charm of a perfect skin may come by chance and afterwards for a certain length of time be held by the inconsistent method of artifice, which however in the end will prove injurious. Valentino is the principal enthusiast of MINERALAVA in this country. He discovered by experience his skin was suffering from wearing effects of an outdoor life and from the clogging of the pores caused by grease paint he is obliged to use before the camera. In this day and age, no man is ashamed to borrow a suggestion from a woman. Mr. Valentino noticed his wife’s purity of complexion and learned she made a habit of the use of MINERALAVAs BEAUTY CLAY. “To my astonishment I discovered upon applying, myself a few applications of MINERALAVA said Mr. Valentino, that it became ever so quickly a necessity that I cannot do without”. “An athlete keeps in trim by daily exercise in a gymnasium. This adds to his self-respect, even if he is not in active training for a contest. It is the same way with folks in everyday life. People should have enough respect for their personal appearance to give a few minutes each day to the use of MINERALAVA, the one perfect nature remedy for the skin-strain of our modern existence. “After the prettiest girls in the different cities have been selected one of whom will be chosen to the be leading lady of my next picture, I am going to insist they keep their skin perfection by the constant use of MINERALAVA. by during this they will be following the example of Julia Sanderson, Majorie Rambeau, Irene Bordoni, Billie Burke, Marion Davies, Nazimova, Leonor Ulric and others. Valentino dolls to be given as beauty contest prize on display at Owl Drug CO 11th and Walnut.

CONVENTION HALL Personal Appearance RODOLPH VALENTINO in dances accompanied by his wife Winifred Hudnut alias Natacha Rambova. Holders of reserved seat tickets will have the privilege of dancing until midnight. Mr. Valentino will present a beautiful silver loving cup to the most graceful couple of dancers. Prices include tax.

Arena Balcony, Reserved $1.65
Dance Floor $1.65
Upper Balcony, Not Reserved $1.10

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Nov 1923 – Mineralava Beauty Contest Finals

Eighty-eight beauties in Madison Square Garden. Rodolfo Valentino (real name, Rodolfo Guglielmo) came along. And there was not a line of free advertising. The Mineralava Co., manufacturers of “beauty clay,” hit upon a great advertising scheme. It despatched Rodolfo Valentino and wife to visit 88 cities and choose the true beauty from all beauties assembled at each place. Then the 88 beauties were transported to Manhattan. They and their chaperones were housed on an entire floor of the Waldorf-Astoria. They were taken in a fleet of taxicabs to see the Acting Mayor. They were paraded, with three bands, up Fifth avenue. Then, in Madison Square Garden, famed scene of great fistic encounters, the 88 beauties assembled for the Mineralava Valentino Beauty Contest, afterwards known as The National Beauty Contest, while Valentino picked, of all the 88, but one. But what profited it to the Mineralava Co.? The Associated Press, the United Press, the International News Service passed by Signer Valentino and the Queen of Beauty without a murmur, without mentioning the inspiring name of Mineralava. In the cities in which the semi-final contests had been held there had been some news mention of Mineralava. In Manhattan with the entire four score and eight present to invite admiring eyes, The New York Times did not allude to their presence and other papers steadfastly refused to mention the amalgamated and all-responsible word of Mineralava* “We are not running an advertising agency,” said the International News Service. “There is a limit to everything, and the limit in press agency . . .has been reached. . . .” said the United Press

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mineralava ny 1923 pic

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1924 – HOW I WON THE Mineralava-Valentino Beauty Contest

We asked Miss Norma Niblock what was the secret of her recent success. Here is her reply:
“Last winter after I was chosen winner at the Arena, I started using Mineralava and I found that after a few applications it kept my skin so clear and full of natural colour that I did not have to use cosmetics and they say that was largely why I won. I use Mineralava regularly now of course I find it keeps the pores wonderfully healthy and clean and makes my skin softer and more radiant than it has ever been before”.

The above glowing tribute adds still another name to the many beautiful women who owe so much to Mineralava. Mineralava in a bottle containing eighteen treatments for $2.00, a trial tube for 50 cents and the Mineralava Face Finish is $ 1.50 a bottle, for sale at all Drug and Department Stores with cur positive money-back guarantee,

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Sep 1924 Norma moves

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mineralava 1923 norma

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15 Dec 1923- ‘Pretty Girl’ Prize Winner Not Wise Yet

Norma Niblock, the Toronto girl who won the Mineralava-Valentino Beauty Contest in New York, has made an amazingly bad break. Although she’s Sweet Sixteen, Norma broadcasts the information that she won without using rouge or powder! Is Miss Nlblock trying to “crab” future “Pretty Girl” exhibitions, or what? Doesn’t she know that in these advanced days, Beauty is only skin deep? Sixteen! And not aware that a “Beauty Show” is merely a test of the relative merits of certain cosmetics, for which the faces of the young ladles provide pleasing backgrounds! Tho New York judges certainly slipped up badly on the job when they crowned the Toronto queen. Instead of awarding the palm to some snappy soubrette who knows all about lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, cold creams, clay packs, lotions, eyelash tweezers, nose powder, beauty patches, hair gloss, massage pastes, electric vibrators and tooth shine. The manufacturers of these commodities are always willing even eager to pay fabulous prices for testimonials from Beauty Queens. Here is opportunity knocking at Miss Niblock’s door and here Is Miss Niblock “knocking” opportunity by saying she doesn’t rouge or powder! ! ! Next thing we know Norma will stand right up in meeting ‘ and declare she has no intention of going into the movies. But fortunately, there is still hope. The public has a short memory. Nobody will remember Miss Niblock’s “No – powder, no rouge” error of judgment after a few days. Such being tbe case, her face may be her fortune. Watch for it in magazine advertisements, telling the world how Norma put it all over the other flappers by using BOOULE’S BLOOM OF BEAUTY three times a day on sale at all drug stores.

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Dec 1923 – Madison Square Garden Beauty Show Contest Gives Crown to Canada

The Mineralava-Valentino beauty contest, which was a year in preparation, was finally staged last Wednesday night, at the Madison Square Garden with 88 beauties contesting for the honor of the sheik crowning her the chief beauty which carried with it a film contract and other material benefits. After passing the buck to the 100 Judges, Valentino placed though small crown on Norma Niblocks raven tresses, which signified to all who were interested that this Toronto gal took first honors. Eugenia Gilbert of Los Angeles, the popular favorite, only succeeded in placing second , and the following beauties took third, fourth and fifth respectively : Reba Owen of New York, Mildred Adam of Baltimore, and Gloria Heller of Wichita . The latter is in Kansas for anybodies specific information. At any rate, the town owes Miss Heller something for placing it on the map. The newspapermen generally leaned toward the Baltimore gal and a beauty from Butte, Montana, Marlon Fogerty was deemed likely by others. Withal, the selected winner was by no means a popular choice, although the lass were distinguishing for her unassuming naiveté in posing and parading around the rostrum ln a natural and easy manner. An inside explanation of the Toronto choice has lt that Canada is still virgin territory for the Mineralava beauty clay product. The choice of a native daughter is believed to be a good selling angle, but it is only a report. Five girls, of which Miss Nlblock is not one, have been signed for a Broadway production, although the Toronto beauty may have foregone any stage alliances -through the picture contract she inherited with the first prize capture. The second choice, Miss Gilbert, Clipper mans favorite, a dazzling beauty to considerable personality and charm that fairly radiated to every corner to the Garden. Not Slow Business As an amusement venture, Mineralava, should have stuck to the beauty clay. The Broadway managers may not allege to give one so much show but they start at 8:30 when advertised. Mineralava stressed the eight o’clock opening even on the admission tickets but didn’t start things until 70 minutes thereafter. It was an ordeal up to midnight. The show was unduly padded with the march of the beauty in ensemble and also divided into six groups with two semi-final parading and finally the winning selections. Paul Whiteman’s orchestra, a misleading announcement , since it was only a 41-piece Whiteman unit, tried to plug the waits interestingly but their lack of sufficient volume through absence of the necessary brass did not make them particularly fetching.  Reinald Werrenrath, a concert baritone, managed fairly well but he clicks better in less spacious quarters. Petroushka and Ensemble, a 14-people mixed Russian act, was a colorful interlude of no particular merit. Their stuff has been done much better in small time vaudeville. The act features harmony singing, later doing song and dance specialties, one gal shimmying for her contribution. In between the acts, Mr. Graham, the announcer, read a statement for H. Z. Pokress, the Mineralava president, that E. F. Albee would engage the 16 winners for the new Keith Hippodrome opening Dec. 17.  A number of sidelights on the contest were much more interesting than the show itself.  Several groups took the Thanksgiving Eve occasion to celebrate liquidly. It was a question what one Indulgent Was cheering when he exclaimed Hooray for though Scotch as one of the beauty in a Scotch paid get-up made her appearance. Others insisted that the loving cups be filled up. These were the consolation prizes to the runners-up, though sizes being graduated down from second to fifth place.  At any rate, Mineralava spent much money advertising its product and the five-eighths of the Garden s capacity attendance couldn’t mistake that a certain beauty clay one product was somewhere importantly mixed up in the entire affair.


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