15 Nov 1925 Pola Negri Beauty Recipe

Pola Negri tells me her keeping young recipe includes an early to bed program, lots of fresh air imbibed in the pursuit of tennis, horseback riding and swimming. NO candy and no smoking. She does not smoke because she believes it will spoil the complexion and teeth. Bodily and facial massage twice a week is on her program. For the benefit of those correspondents who deluge Pola Negri with queries about where and how she had her plastic surgery done, she begs publicity be given the fact that her face never has been skinned, lifted or otherwise surgically treated. Her nose, too, has been carefully guarded from any surgical knife. Not all the Hollywood colony, would make such declamatory remarks about face lifting. One learns the work has become profitable here. One learns the names of the surgeons, but they won’t tell on their patients. If the patients confide to anyone it must be to their father confessors.

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12 Sep 1925


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15 Nov 1967 – Valentino Ring Sold in Auction

Portland Maine was the scene of a recent auction featuring a very famous ring by Silent Film Star Rudolph Valentino who has been dead for more than 40 years, but he has not been forgotten. Mrs. Homer Strong, Rochester, NY purchased the ring he wore in the movies for $1000. A clerk said the ring, containing a black intaglio of a man on horseback on a heavy hand hammered platinum mounting, would be worth about $250 without the Valentino connection.

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21 Feb 1928 – June Mathis Mother Bobs Hair at 85

If allegations in litigation are correct. Mrs. Millie Hawkes of New York at 85 bobs and dyes her hair, has 50 pairs of shoes and five fur coats.  She is the mother of the late June Mathis, scenario writer, and is suing for half of an estate of $50,000 under an undated will. Silvano Balboni, her son-in-law avers he is maintaining her in luxury. Mrs Hawkes says your never too old to continue looking your best.

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10 Sep 1935 – Balboni Back to Stay

Following the death of his wife June Mathis, five years ago. Silvano Balboni returned to his native Italy to produce films.  But he is back now to supervise the technical details of Edward Small’s picture “The Melody Lingers ON” which has an Italian locale, and he intends to remain. Balboni started photographing movies in 1910 – he is 40 now and later he directed several pictures here and in England. While working in London, he induced a young stock actor to try the films. The actor was Ronald Coleman, Miss Mathis was a noted scenarist and the discoverer of Rudolph Valentino.

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14 Apr 1928 – Silvano Balboni Will Get Estate of June Mathis

The entire $100,000 estate of the late June Mathis, prominent scenarist, will go to her husband, Silvano Balboni, motion picture director, under a decision filed today in Judge Crail’s court.  Balboni’s attorneys stated the director would care for Mrs. Millie Hawkes, 85 grandmother of Miss Mathis, who lost a life interest because she contested the will. Last year,  Mrs. Hawkins sued the director in court for $50,000. The director in-turn told the court she already lives in luxury with five fur coats and 50 shoes. Also, discovered during the contest that the will bore a printed dateline and was therefore, not entirely in Miss Mathis’ hand. ON this ground the will was declared void and the husband was made sole beneficiary.

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8 Nov 1925 – Pola Entertains

Pola Negri entertained in honor of Michael Arlen with a dinner dance at the Biltmore. As predicted this was the very beginning of emerald no to say very verdant social affairs in Cinema land, where charming people have gathered the past week and worn “green hats”. Miss Negri’s affair was distinguished and comme il faut as those of this delightful hostess always are. The Arlenesque motif was emphasized more than in the green hats in which green ice cream was served. In a gown of pale green duchess satin trimmed with rhinestones and black velvet wearing emeralds and diamonds as adorning jewels, the hostess received thirty guests in an embowered suite, the prevailing flowers being bronze and yellow chrysanthemums arranged with a profusion of maidenhair fern to give again the green motif. Training the cloth of the long table were thirty yards of ribbon made from saucy-faced pansies pale yellow roses and maidenhair. Green candles marked the table at intervals in jade and alabaster candlesticks. Dining and dancing were the order of the evening and among those who participated in the festivity in addition to the hosts and honor guest was Rudolph Valentino, Mr & Mrs. Charles Eyton, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Elliot, Mr & Mrs. Manuel Reachi, Mr. & Mrs. St Clair, MAJ Fullerton Weaver, Sid Grauman, M. Cimini, Mme Cimini, Ralph Block. Following the day of Miss Negri’s party, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Borzage were host and hostess at the usual Sunday morning bridle-path party. But this time the affair was in honor of the lion of Cinemaland, whose roar is assiduously sought. At least, until another lion comes this way. After a long cantor through Griffith Park bridle paths an outdoor buffet breakfast was served in the park. Glimpsed along the autumn paths in addition to Mr. Arlen and the hosts were Bebe Daniels, Mrs. Phyllis Daniels, Rudolph Valentino, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lloyd, Ben White, Marie Mosquini, Mrs. Joseph Sanders, Ed Kane, Mr. and Mrs., William Howard, William Collier, Irving Thalberg, Mrs. H.G. Rogers, Kathleen Clifford, M.P. Illich, Ray Owens. Following the return canter the entire party gathered at the Borzage home where they were joined by Julia Faye, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Butler, Roy Stewart, Mr. Borzage’s brother William who contributed to the incidental musical entertainment featured throughout the day. Luncheon was served buffet.

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31 Oct 1976 – In His Hometown Rudolph Valentino Still Is A Legend

Rudolph .Valentino dressed as an Argentine Gaucho cuts in on a couple on the danced floor, knocks the man down and sweeps the girl into his arms for a slow tango followed by a kiss. Later, as a sheik he wraps his arms around the woman he enslaved and carries her off to his tent in the desert. Only a few here still recall the scenes, but no matter Valentino was the most famous son of  this town of 16,000 in southern Italy. Recently the locals got together in a movie  theater to mark the anniversary of his death of 31 to see him again in “The Sheik” and “Blood and Sand” and to defend him against suggestions that the great lover was not really a great lover. The mayor, Gabriel Semeraro, announced a program of grants for students who want to help clear up any doubts about Valentino. He made it clear that people in Castellaneta were not too happy with some of the things being said about the local boy who made so good. “Some writers and others, are again casting aspersions and are trying  to denigrate him by questioning his virility” said Michele Gravina, a city official”. “They won’t succeed. If people are still talking about Valentino 50 years after his death there has to be something to the myth”. It is difficult not to talk about Valentino here, even if his name is not a household word among the young. There is a ceramic statue of him, dressed as a sheik, that sits along the promenade; the Valentino Bar; the plaque on the house on Via Roma, where he was born; the Valentino laundry; the Rudy Bar; and the Valentino movie theater now showing an adults-only epic called “The Niece of the Priest”. Moreover, there is the couch in the apartment of Rita Maidarizzi. She is 72 and remembers when young Rudolph Guglielmi as he was known then, used to visit her family in the second floor apartment on Via Ospedale where she still lives. And she remembers a day in 1925, when he returned for a brief visit to sip some coffee, eat some biscuits, and talk about his success in the 12 years since he immigrated. “He used to drink out of these cups”, she said as she poured coffee for visitors. “He used to sleep in that bed over there, because he always had trouble with his father and liked to come over here. And he often sat on that couch. “When he died 50 years ago, women came from all over to sit on that couch and weep. Sometimes they went on like idiots”. Miss Maidarizzi, who keeps a file of newspaper clippings on Valentino said the number of tourists have declined over the years. Few come now and ask permission to go through her house. Mr. and Mrs. Vito Staffieri, who lived in the home in which Valentino was born, also are untroubled by visitors, despite the plaque outside. “We bought the house 15 years ago,” said Staffieri a farm worker. “An American knocked on the door a couple of years ago and asked to see Valentino’s bedroom. We let him in”.



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Medal for Acting

Rudolph Valentino announced yesterday he would present each year a handsome gold medal to the motion picture actor or actress who gives the best performance of the year.

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02 Nov 1959 Pseudo Valentino Son Mailed Obscene Letter to famous Actress

A 37 year old man who claims to be the son of the late movie idol Rudolph Valentino faced extradition to Florida today, where he allegedly mailed an obscene letter to actress Debbie Reynolds. But Tony Guglielmi, alias Anthony Williams, said he has no hard feelings towards Miss Reynolds despite the charge against him. “She’s not even a fan of mine” he said. Guglielmi, his Italian name was arraigned as Williams Thursday Before U.S. Commissioner Joe Huttstutler who set bond at $3000. The obscene letter was mailed from Miami, Florida on 3 Sep 1959, Federal Officers said. Gugliemi told Federal Marshals he was the son of Valentino.

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