12 Jan 1926 – Valentino Sets the Record Straight on his Disasterous Marriage

I have been reluctant to write on this subject, but so many interviews, purporting to come from me, have been printed that I think it maybe best to put myself on record over my own signature.  I shall have to disappoint the reader who expects something sensational. I did not beat Natacha Rambova my former wife.  She did not throw flat-irons at me. Sorry, but we did not do those things.  Nor did I object to her having a career her own career. Nor did I demand that she bear children. I wanted her to have what she wanted, in so far as I could get it for her. In other words, I wanted her to be happy, and tried as any man would, to make her so.  There was never any issue about her staying at home and keeping my house.  No woman that anyone knows stays at home and keeps house anymore. Los Angeles wives have their own cars, as a rule, and go and come as they please.  Fortunately, I was able to free my former wife from housework and from all forms of drudgery.  If she wanted to keep house I would have “fired” the servants and let her “express” herself in that way.  If she wanted children I would have engaged nurses and urged her to “express” herself in that way. She did not want to do these things and frankly I did not give them any thought. Dissatisfaction in marriage as in other family life is apt to be cumulative.  There is no sudden erratic or dramatic offense which determines one to “leave home” to be rid of the presence and influence of relatives and out of the environment at all cost.  There is often a steady decline in mutuality of interest, in sympathy, in esteem.  The child which leaves the home does so because of a long series of misunderstandings, or thwarted plans, which leads him to believe that he can best accomplish the thing he feels it in him to do if he is away from those who blindly or selfishly or arbitrarily “love” him.  He suffers a loss of material things the safeguards and comforts of home goes hungry, or maybe or is undernourished over a period of years to enjoy a mental and spiritual freedom which seems to more than compensate for the lack of what his family considers “the real things”.  So, it is apt to be with a young man who is too closely circumscribed by an ambitious girl. At first, she stimulates him to “bigger and better” things.  She is indeed generous and helpful. He is touched and flattered by her consecration to his aims, her devotion to his interests. Eagerly they plan his career.  He welcomes her counsel, and following it, finds it sound.  Sound, because in the first flush of life, while she is much enamored of him, she is thinking with her heart, rather than her head, and intuitively arrives at correct conclusions. She has “guidance’s” and powers of divination which calculating women can never exercise for the man she seeks to promote for gain and self-aggrandizement only.  They marry.  She gives up her career, if she has one, to better and more completely aid him in his.  Almost imperceptibly but slowly and surely her attitude changes. It gradually dawns on him that, while she has given up her career, she has not given up a career. She has started on a new one, which is to “manage” and make a success of him. Now, you will say, a man should be deeply grateful for that.  Yes, and no.  Wait a minute.  In the friendship and courting period’s, she considered him, weighed and advised him with relation to his profession or art he was trying to master, with relation to the public or patrons he was trying to serve, to please, to win, to hold. She was anxious for him to do the finest and best thing it was in him to do; and at the same time, please or conciliate those with whom he had to deal promoters and make those little concessions to pride and vanity and even pocketbook, which would make for lasting success in the long run.  She was disinterested, and able to see him at long range, and his true relation to others.  With marriage and the needles and pins routing of everyday living servants, household budgets, clothes, his friends, her friends, his family, her family and the like she inevitably began to consider him, and then, also, with relation to herself and her relation to him. Would they interfere, would they presume to give advice or make plans without first consulting her? In other words, would they usurp her position as friend, guide and philosopher, would they jeopardize her place and power?  Then there enters the ever-present question of money much money. Keeping up an establishment, entertaining, and all that, seems so necessary; and if one does not make money, more and more money, one falls behind the procession.  And of course, once having got in the procession, there is nothing for it, it seems, but to stay in. There is the couple ahead, which would turn and stare, and the couple behind, which might titter, and the couples on either side who might exchange knowing looks, as if a pair fell out and walked along quietly by the side of the road.  Acquaintances must be appraised according to their places in the procession. People must be cultivated or discarded in direct proportion as they might help or hinder one in “getting on” socially, professionally, or financially. Those lovable and improvident soul’s writers, artists, musicians who follow their own rather than publics tastes must not be “picked up”.  They “aren’t” anybody, don’t know anyone of importance and are often a little “seedy” in appearance, and run down at the heel.  The most charitable in the procession regard them as a lot of harmless nuts. The others are careful not to regard them at all.  Were they alive, and living in Hollywood, Byron and Wilde would be very much in demand at smart affairs.  The Browning’s would be sought after by a very small clique.  Keats, Shelly and Burns would scarcely get a bid to dinner, no matter how badly they might need one, nor how much bright and beautiful conversation they might bring to a table.  Now, I am being a Latin, am not what you Americans call “practical” by later. No Latin is, or can be, practical 24 hours a day. We maybe as mercenary, or more mercenary, than you in the barter of our wares, or talents; but we spend ourselves and our money in different ways.  This is an experience which I believe I have in common with the American husband that after a few years of married life he finds only those of his friends of whom his wife approves, remaining; only those of his or her relatives of whom she approves, visiting; and all of her friends, whether or not they like him, or he them, invited to the house on each and every occasion.  Well that happens when a man discovers he is being “managed” in every department of life life, those in which he may need direction, as well as those in which for the sake of his own development, he should be allowed volition and selection?  The result is that all “management” becomes irksome to him.  He suddenly becomes as assertive as he has been “easy”.  He finds that he can hire a competent counselor and business advisor, and “live his own life” so to speak.  What does the wife do when her husband’s career is taken away from her? She can go back to her own career, or take up a new one, or wash her hands of careers, and be just a wife; for after all a business manager has not tender womanly breast a tired actor may lay his head of an evening.  If her love is greater than her pride, she will surrender gracefully, and make the adjustments which will enable them to start all over again on a new basis.  If her pride is paramount, she will probably slap him across the face with a bill of divorcement.  The world knows what happened in my case, and that is the answer.  I have no regrets, no remorse.  I enjoyed being married to Natacha and did my utmost to make her happy. Whatever she may say or think now, she too got a lot out of our life together both in material things and good times. She cannot tax me with the old “you have taken the best years of my life etc”.  The best years of her life are yet before her.  She is as ambitious as ever she was, as high-spirited, as bright and keen.  She can still achieve anything within her logical range. I bear her no ill-will and wish her the best of success.  Neither am I broken-hearted. Nor am I out of a home.  I have a secretary, and I have a few dependable servants, so I am week taken care of.  This summer I brought with me from Europe my brother and his wife.  They supervise my household, and I may entertain whom I like, when I please; and have that “monarch of all I survey” feeling which is so nourishing to the male ego.  Perhaps this account of my second wreck on the reefs of matrimony will give the lie to the line which has been tacked onto me. That I am “a great lover” both on and off the screen.  I suppose it is intended for a compliment, but I do not relish it. I wish above everything to be known as a great artist and am working earnestly and steadily to that end. I hope eventually to be given a picture which will demand something more than a physical performance, and I want to be ready when the times comes. After all, a man gets tired of being talked about and written about as though he were a processional “handsome” man.  For this reason, I need to concentrate on my work and plan for my future as never before.  And what may happen is on the lap of God. However, I must admit that I am not insensible to the charms of the fair sex.

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3 Jan 1926 – More Opinions Should a Wife Deny a Husband Children?

I am a man who firmly believes the wife does not have the right. Taking into consideration the wife is healthy, no home ought to be without children.  It is a mans fondest dream to have little ones clustering around him and he gets married with that thought in mind.  Rudolph Valentino is going through the same thing with a wife who has a liberal attitude and is denying her husband a right. Why did they get married in the first place? Did she promise one thing and when things did not go her way instead of being a woman and trying to keep the marriage she is selfish and leaves. However, I am not an advocate of large families.  Three to four children are too much and keep the mother busy with attending their wants and needs which will take priority over the husband and then the husband feeling neglected will seek comfort elsewhere.  Moreover, no woman that marries wishes to be childless. A woman to the other effect is not worthy of the name. When a man marries he tries to make his wife comfortable as his means allow.  In return, she is expected to keep her home and children neat and clean.   The woman was created for man and through her mankind has flourished. The laws of the universe have given power to woman, no one has taken it from and it stands to reason she still holds the place as “Mother of Men”. Besides the blessing of the home, a little child is the greatest link of the human heart and passions.  It ties the heart strings of the mother and father in its tiny hands and coos the blessings of a great love upon them.  The early years of care are more than repaid when the child has grown. No wife has the right to deny her husband children and no wife will deny them to her mate for it is her greatest and dearest wish to be deserving of the mother.

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2 Jan 1926 – Viewers Opinion Has Wife Right To Deny Husband Children?

To the Marriage Editor,

A wife has the right to deny her husband if he’s a drunkard and a beast who does not have a job that is supportive to his family. Why bring a child in the world when they cannot afford to. I believe in years to come this will become something that will become more of an issue as basic cost of food and essentials continues to rise.  Also, let me tell you this world, is past being old-fashioned and it will never be again.  The boys and girls now marrying are not flappers that is so outdated.  If a man loves a woman enough to marry her again, he needs to be able to afford it. I know not everyone loves kids but have a pity on the mother she is not a truck horse.

Happy in Buffalo

To the Marriage Editor,

Having been a long time reader I am very much interested in the Marriage Column, I wish to say a few things in regards to the new subject that is before the readers.  I think probably in the beginning of the world God intended every woman to become a mother, but as the world stands today there is a limit even in motherhood.  In the first place, no many has any business with a wife and prospective parent unless he is able to care for them in a comfortable way. Under circumstances a small family is an absolute necesssity in the cycle of life. I think three or four children born of healthy parents is perfectly fine. As long as the man is a provider and can well support, educate, feed and clothe all members in these times of high prices, and a mother should not be compelled to seek work outside of the home to help care for the family.  If she overtaxes her strength mentally or physically by outside work. I may say if there is a loving kind husband and again, able to financially provide it is most assuredly a wifes duty to grant her husband the children if they so desire.

A Constant Reader.

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1929 – Cooking with Cecil B. DeMille

Rudolph Valentino had great respect for others of his profession and his admiration for Mr. Cecil B. DeMille was profound. They both shared a love of movies and cooking. Here is a receipe that Mr. De Mille truly enjoyed. DEMILLE.PNG

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Jan 1926 – Children and Valentino Divorce Debate

In the life events leading up to Valentino’s divorce, I found a newspaper contest which people provide an opinion on whether a wife has the right to deny her husband children. Valentino longed for the love of family that was not meant to be. In the 1920’s, there was published opinions by some with 21st Century attitudes about being able to afford a family and the defined roles of a nuclear family.  Valentino and Rambova had their reasons for marriage and went into this with their own version of what this would look like. I see Rambova using her husband and his fame to further her own intentions. While Valentino used his wife as a means of furthering his own career. She had the inside connections and was knowledgeable on what it took to be a star. For someone who wanted so badly to succeed he did what it took to survive. Did they truly loved each other? I think they loved each other when they lived together in a bungalow on Sunset Blvd where happiness existed in the simple things in life and away from the bright lights of Hollywood.  Then the lights were brighter and beckoned and life for both was never the same.

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1 Jan 1922 – Most Popular

In a recent popularity contest in Tacoma, Washington Rudolph Valentino won the most popular leading man on the silver screen competition.
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31 Dec 2019 – All About Rudy Blog

I have always been fascinated when I find something new and interesting about Rudolph Valentino.  My research has taken me to many places where the thrill of the hunt is always within reach.  I feel news paper or magazine articles and pictures give viewers a first hand experience through a bygone era of what he was all about.  I would love to see more viewers stroll through the archives in hopes they feel excited by what they read here.  While there is still a long road ahead in the journey of discovery, on Rudolph Valentino, I hope to bring new material to light.

Happy New Year.

Chris R.

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29 Dec 1925 – Should a Wife Deny a Husband Children?

The question of a wife’s right to deny her husband children is raised again, in an article in Liberty this week.  The recent pending divorce of Rudolph Valentino and his liberal wife as the basis for this discussion. This question is as old as the human race.  It has caused more arguments and marital discord. Nations have been split by it and kingdoms almost rent in twain.  Thrones have tottered and churches trembled in the balance.  What do readers thing of it DOES A WIFE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DENY CHILDREN TO HER HUSBAND? The times will pay rewards of $3, $5, $7 for the best three letters on the subject.

Of this great question, Valentino in Liberty, “If Mrs. Valentino is through with me, I am through her and this marriage-until I can have children and give them the kind of care and love, I had as a boy”.

Then the wife known as Natacha Rambova is quoted “We were married four years ago, and it was an intense romantic love afair.  Gradually we found out it was a mistakem and we separated a matrimonial vacation the newspapers called it.  You cna’t blame us because we thought our marriage would be perfect.  Young people havent much sense about love and no provision.   Anway, we weren’t married with the cold-blooded idea in a few years we would get a divorce, amuse ourselves again with another marriage.  I believe in divorce. Where two people are injuring each other by bad feeling they ought to be separated.”

Stay tuned to this blog for updates to this article.

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