1945 – Back in the Day

Joe Hess, of the crew of the departing Folies Bergere Revue, revealed the other night the late Rudolph Valentino went right to the coast from Pittsburgh in 1917.  He was playing in a John Cort Show “The Masked Model” at the Dugquesne when the producer decided to transfer the production immediately to San Francisco.  The troupe was stranded there and Valentino caught the eye of an influential woman who was instrumental in placing him on the screen.

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28 May 1998 – Paintings, valuables stolen from Valentino’s grandson

Thieves ransacked the home of Rudolph Valentino’s grandson and took paintings and other valuables police said. Losses and damage from the break-in over the long Memorial Day weekend were estimated at $100,000.  The grandson, also named Rudolph Valentino, returned Tuesday to find that someone had smashed as rear window.

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22 Mar 1940 Valentino’s Horse Dies at a Ripe Old Age

Rudolph Valentino’s horse died today in Rockleigh, New Jersey. An uncommon old horse was “Anna” who before she reached a ripe old 39 had played such stellar roles as a walk-on part in “Aida” at the Metropolitan Opera and hostess at a “horse party” while wearing a Lilly Dache hat. Anna lived out her last years in pasture at the Douglas Hertz farm.

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11 May 1929


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07 Jan 1923 – Almost like but not

Orlando Cortez was a contestant in a dancing contest held at Los Angeles a week or so ago. Charles Chaplain and Jesse Laskey were acting as judges in the contest, and now Mr. Cortez holds a 5 year contract as a member of the Paramount Stock Company. The young man is a good looking and graceful dancer as Rudolph Valentino.

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17 Dec 1922 – Valentino May Make Records

Valentino rumors may come and go, but Rudy himself is the authority for the statement that a big company is now being organized to put a stock of toilet preparations on the market bearing his charmed name.  This it seems, cannot be prohibited by the injunction preventing him from working.  Rudy’s attorney is considering several offers from a phonograph concern, said company wanting the romantic Italian to do some records. Whether or not the injunction prevents this will remain seen. There is no truth to the report that Valentino and his wife Natacha Rambova are going to England to appear in one of the Charles Cochran revues at a salary of $3500 a week or any salary.

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1920’s – Jean Rhys and the Hudnut’s

Jean Rhys was a novelist who became famous in her later years. However, it was interesting to note that she had a connection with Richard Hudnut and his second wife Winifred.

In 1890, Jean Rhys was born Ella Gwendolen Rees Williams on the island of Dominica to a Welsh father and white Creole mother. From an early age, Jean wrote stories however, it was when destitute and living in Paris she began writing again. It was also during this time she met literary giant Ford Madox Ford who kick-started her writing career. Ford Madox Ford was born Ford Madox Hueffer in Merton, Surrey Novelist, poet, literary critic, editor, one of the founding fathers of English Modernism. It was through him that she changed her name and his advice to use her tortured life experiences and transform them in to literary form. Also, I was through him that she met Richard Hudnut and his second wife Winifred. In Jul 1925, Jean Rhys took a train to Juan-Les-Pins to meet with Mrs. Hudnut who wanted her to ghost-write a book on Reincarnation and Furniture. However, this was not a subject she was an expert on let alone undertake. However, according to limited research on this subject Jean stayed at the Chateau for a couple of months. But it seems that Ford had received a letter from Jean stating that Mrs. Hudnut wanted her to write an additional book as well. This led to Ford writing Mrs. Hudnut angrily saying she was trying to exploit her and underpay Jean for her writing services. Needless to say Mr. and Mrs.  Hudnut were angry about the whole situation and cabled Ford that Jean would be on a train back to Paris the next day. However, it seemed that a story was going around that about Jean and Mr. Hudnut. It seems Mr. Hudnut had been seen kissing Jean when he took her to the Casino at Monte Carlo ‘Nearly every Sunday’. This was also verified by the chauffeur who was watching them in the mirror. It seems that Winifred and Jean ‘reconciled their differences’ and took the train from Juan-Les-Pins to the Garc de Lyons where Ford met them both there. Winifred did not seem to be impressed when she met Ford she walked away with a porter and her luggage. Did Richard Hudnut fool around with Jean Rhys? There is really nothing to prove this story? There are no known news articles except what Jean has written. Given that Richard Hudnut was a wealthy man I imagine he paid afew people off to insure this little dalliance never seen daylight.

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Ford Madox Ford: A Dual Life, Vol II The After-War World. By Max Saunders.


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